We work only with real guy & bi guys!

Dear Clients, unfortunately many gay men today face the scammers when they try to find gay partnership online. Most popular apps like Grinder are full of scammers! They will easily turn your sincere feelings to nightmare!

We work hard to keep our database clean from scammers and we cooperate with the most well-reputed detective agencies that are fighting against scammers!

We have own private detectives as well. They will always help you if you doubt the honesty of your boy and this service is available for all our clients. The trust of our customers is of vital importance for us and we take strong measures to avoid misunderstandings and cheating.

In Gay Ukraine International Marriage Agency we are the only link between you and your guy (boy), there aren’t any mediators. We know personally all our boys and before registration we check every boy’s passport and we publish his real photos.

Dear Clients, we advise you to ask boys a lot of questions in order to know him better and we will help you with meeting if you decided to visit your boy(s).

Dear Clients, if you doubt boy’s honesty just contact us and we will try to make the situation clear for you. We show openness, responsibility and honesty in our work and we hope that you will be satisfies with your cooperation.