Daniil The Night Rider

Beautiful Ukraine Gay Boy Daniil

Name: Daniil
Age: 24 years old
Height: 181cm
Weight: 69kgs
Role: Bottom
Introduction: I’m very communicative and joyful person. I usually leave all bad things behind my back and enjoy every day of my life. I can’t call myself to be boring one. I think I posses good sense of humor and can be a good partner at any conversation. My dream is to find a man and make him happy. I believe that no matter what kind of social status you have you still can be good person and can fall in eternal love. I don’t believe that rich guys are ruling the world, but generous gentlemen are!

The most important thing that I am looking for in my beloved man is being good friends first of all. I want to find an educated person I will be interested in socializing with. For the beginning I would like to meet an active, sociable and communicative man and if our acquaintance will lead us to something more than just good friendship I will be very pleasantly surpriced.

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