Vlad The Love Seeker

Beautiful Ukraine Gay Boy Vlad

Name: Vlad
Age: 26 years old
Height: 179cm
Weight: 71kgs
Role: Bottom
Introduction: I am balanced, loving, joyful, smiley guy, I have a good sense of humor, love nice jokes and fun!

I am sincere, honest, kind and very caring. I have a dream to have a loving relationship and happy partnership with a warm-hearted person, whom I hope to meet with the help of Gay Ukraine. I am ready to learn and to overcome every hurdle on the way towards my happiness and I will be happy to support my man in achieving our mutual goals such like being happy together, making success together, living healthy life together, and so on.

I do care about environment and animals. I practice a lot of sports. My day is filled by job, social activities and physical trainings. I do enjoy an active way of life, although in sex I prefer the passive role. But I suppose I could be versatile for a man I will love!

I am looking for a gay man who wants to share his love with only one partner. He has to correspond with my idea of a man! Love is not the only necessary thing in relationship but it’s a basis. I haven’t met such man here yet. I do not need one night stands. They make you empty and disappointed. I want to be with man who fights for his love, his future, his happiness.

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