Marat The Warrior

Beautiful Ukraine Gay Boy Marat

Name: Marat
Age: 26 years old
Height: 178cm
Weight: 70kgs
Role: Top
Introduction: I am a very independent person and at my age I am working hard for my career and job. What is special is that I would try to develop myself in all spheres that can interest me! I am multi-sided developed person, and I hope that we can in an easy way find common language.

In general, my life is full of happy and positive moments. Nothing can break me and, because I have a strong character and I understand the crash tests are just some pages of my destiny-book in order to make me clever, patient endurable, and much stronger as male and as human.

Exactly because of these features of mine I need soft gay man as my partner, who is more spiritual and emotional than gym-trained. Next to him I will feel like a real warrior, it will make me the happiest guy in the world! And in return I am ready to devote my love to him. He also must be a hardworking, honest, with sense of humor and a committed person. I know it’s hard to find such a person nowadays but I am ready to try via Gay Ukraine. I hope my dreams come true with you!

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