Kolia “The Str8”

Beautiful Ukraine Gay Boy Kolia

Name: Kolia
Age: 20 years old
Height: 187cm
Weight: 75kgs
Role: Top
Introduction: I believe that silly fucking does not achieve anything, sweet kisses at a difficult time will not help … But the greatest joy you need to share with someone you want to have beside you. And it’s better to deal with adequate gay people and real true mean instead of sexual obsessed morons and drama queens. What am I doing here if I can fuck anywhere else? I am looking for a decent man who is neither queen nor moron. I do will share all the joys of this life with him, but he must be ready to do the same with me!

I am interested in a man who shares my interests and values. Someone who is strong, accomplished, experienced, self-assured yet down to earth and not into gay scene. Most of all, loyal and honest with himself and those persons close to him (very important). I would like to meet someone who is hardworking, educated and experienced but knows how to manage a balanced life. Men who are not “out” at all are welcome. I will never manifest myself gaily in case it would not be desirable by my partner.

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