Ivan The Terrible

Beautiful Ukraine Gay Boy Ivan

Name: Ivan
Age: 26 years old
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kgs
Role: Top
Introduction: Well-mannered, masculine, honest and loyal boy. Somebody, who is looking for harmony and true feelings. And want to make his partner feel so special and appreciated. I am sure that emotionally strong long-term relationships are built upon mutual trust, respect, confidence, support, sincerity and the most important of all components – LOVE. I believe in love although there is too little love in gay circle.

My beloved one and only man must not be the best man in the world. He must be the best man for me! Clever, caring, kind and open for me by his heart! It is everything what I need from my future life-partner! And what will you find with me? Everything!!! All my love and care, my heart and soul will be for you only! There is only one thing I would like to avoid – the hungry bottoms. As top I will not tolerate if you offer your behind to any other guy. But with my huge dick you’ll surely get enough for eternal satisfaction.

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