Vladimir The Jollier

Beautiful Ukraine Gay Boy Vladimir

Name: Vladimir
Age: 20 years old
Height: 179cm
Weight: 67kgs
Role: Bottom
Introduction: I am a very easy-going boy by nature and you’ll see it just on the first moment of our meeting! I am a boy who values all the pleasures in life! I like going out and like traveling a lot! When I am with you I can make our meeting comfortable and pleasant! I like to smile and whatever I do I do with enjoyment! But maybe the only lack of my life is the absence of that special man whom I can trust completely, whom I can give all my love without expectations to get something in return!

I am look for a true man, who will know that I am not any boy toy but human being with my own advantages and disadvantages – anybody has! I wish a life partner for me who’ll find the right words for me to tell to cheer up when I’m upset. And who will know how to make me laugh even if I am down or feeling lost (that is not the case with me to feel lost, but I need to be sure in your shoulder)

There is no need for you to be a perfect angel, but in order to be close to me you really should be one self-confident and reliable person.

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