Roman The Iron Man

Beautiful Ukraine Gay Boy Roman

Name: Roman
Age: 24 years old
Height: 181cm
Weight: 84kgs
Role: Versatile
Introduction: I’m that kind of guys who always likes to try something new. I like getting acquainted with new people and visiting new places. I like sports and to keep myself fit. I’m curious person, so I adore hunting, traveling, driving. Also I like interesting movies and nice music. I like the outdoors and an active lifestyle. You won’t be bored in my company!

I want my partner to accept me the way I am and I will do the same. I want us to like each other and have this sparkle, this chemistry between us. I am not sissy! I am real male but with big heart for true person. I’m sure that if the passion is genuine, it will be endless. The fire of love will burn stronger and stronger year after year. I want to share everything with my man and to do anything to please him on the maximal level I only can.

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