Oleg The Stallion

Beautiful Ukraine Gay Boy Oleg

Name: Oleg
Age: 23 years old
Height: 179cm
Weight: 69kgs
Role: Top
Introduction: I am a positive and optimistic male. I enjoy this life and I am ready to share my pumping iron world with someone. I am very enthusiastic person, and I really do not like feminine gays. They are boring and useless stuff. I am down to earth masculine guy, but I still dream to establish so called “same sex family” with my beloved masculine man.

I hope I will find him thanks Gay Ukraine. I am sure he is here. Probably you? I adore nature and outside activities. I like forests, I like mountains, I like the sea, I like any outdoor with fresh air and wild nature. Additionally I like everything which is connected with muscles and fitness.

You do not need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to impress my heart! But keep yourself fit and shape, just a bit please! Even in case you are a chubby, you should be ready for workout in gym with me! I am looking for a good-natured and responsible Western man. For me it is very important that he respects me, accepts my way of life, is ready to solve any issue in peaceful and smart way.

But your body shape is less important than your soul! I like men who are honest and open about their thoughts and desires, who know what they want and can say it clearly. I am interested in a real life partnership where love, admiration, understanding and passion live.

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