Slavik The Tolerant

Beautiful Ukraine Gay Boy Slavik from Donetsk

Name: Slavik
Age: 20 years old
Height: 173cm
Weight: 65kgs
Role: Versatile
Introduction: I can describe myself as a loyal, emphatic and opened guy. I am communicative and easy going person, and it helps me a lot in my work. I like to meet new people, traveling, outdoors, bbq. I like sports, hikes and other active rest.

I want my man to be strong and sincere. I always accept people as they are. I will take my man as he is, because I don’t like to construct people according my patterns! I think, it is wonderful, that we all are different. The most important is respect and esteem in relationship between two loving hearts. I do not condemn any gay men – I like them as they are, both masculine and feminine. Heart is the key, and not the rest! So I’ll be glad to meet my loving heart via Gay Ukraine site.

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