Constantine The Antique God

Beautiful Ukrainian Gay Guy Constantine

Name: Constantine
Age: 24 years old
Height: 186cm
Weight: 73kgs
Role: Top
Introduction: I am sincere, dynamic and cheerful guy. Despite my young age I am serious, determined and know what I want. I believe that in real partnership both partners should take care of each other and both partners should be loyal and devoted to each other. I can imagine that I will keep the feelings and promises given to my beloved man forever.

I am interested to meet a Western man to relocate to his country. I really want him to be honest, decent, loyal, passionate, intelligent, open-minded, sociable and generous. I want my ideal lover to be a masculine man as I stay away from sissies, she-males and similar creatures. I think it’s important to be a man even if you are a gay man. I am the man too. Nobody here even think that I could be gay. It helps me a lot to survive in Ukraine.

Certainly, my man must be loving, caring and supporting. I can’t imagine my future life without his love. I want to love and to be loved. After several disappointments in intimate life I won’t put my future under the risk again. You should prove the seriousness of your intensions before we talk about something. For me an ideal man is responsible, serious-minded, and of course I must be sure that I can rely on him. In case you feel it’s written about you do not hesitate to write me detailed message.

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