Andrei The Believer

Beautiful Ukrainian Gay Guy Andrei

Name: Andrei
Age: 20 years old
Height: 175cm
Weight: 65kgs
Role: Bottom
Introduction: I am a man with my values and dignity. I am young, active and energetic. I am strong, caring and romantic and I really believe in Real Love between two men. Isn’t it strange during Grinder Age?

All my friends say that I am a very easy-going person and really a nice bro to be with. I have creative job and a lot of different interests – from reading to workout and I am absolutely sure that you will never be bored with me. I might be very unexperienced in relationship, but I am open, sincere and honest. Moreover I am ready to meet my men for life! I say everything directly from my heart and sure that I’ll be a great partner for my beloved man.

It is hard to say what type of man I need, as all people are unique on their own, but what I definitely desire is a responsible, confident man who knows what he needs and where his efforts are directed. I am a very easy-going person, so I wish my man to be the same approachable and easy-to-reach.

Yes, everybody wants a kind, honest, faithful partner with sense of humor. I always say that there is no perfection and gay men are creatures that don’t like to be accused of faults. So I would accept my partner with all his bad habits and drawbacks, as long as we love each other, find mutual understanding and solutions for any life situation.

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