Eugeni The Realist

Beautiful Ukraine Gay Boy Eugeni

Name: Eugeni
Age: 21 years old
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 72 kgs
Role: Versatile
Introduction: I am easy-going, joyful, soft, caring boy who is preferably bottom, but gladly versatile. And every day I try find only positive side in every moment of my life. I have many interesting hobbies and interests, but I think that best way to know each other will be real meeting as I met some Western men via Gay Ukraine agency and in real life they were quite different from the persons they described before. Almost opposite!

I am waiting for my fate and I feel that on this site we’ll certainly meet each other. I like sports, nature, traveling, self-education, tasty food, etc.

I just want my partner to be caring, kind, have a good sense of humor and be a passionate lover. And I do want him to be older than me as older men understand what is important in the life and what is not. But please, guys, “older” does NOT mean “unkempt”, “slovenly” or “grubby”. Keep it in mid please. And if you decide to contact me be ready to visit me soon! As I said I prefer the real things!

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